Au Naturale

Puerto Rico’s first tropical retreat for men

At first, we thought to approach this project with a smaller, much simpler objective but quickly realized anything other than the current Au Naturale Resort plans would never be able to sufficiently meet the scope and scale of what is possible and beneficial to the community, the island, travelers, and clothing optional enthusiasts.

Au Naturale will call Puerto Rico home for a number of reasons; believe there’s no better location for what we want to do. As one of the last islands in the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico without a comparable resort, this is a huge opportunity.

Our 10-acre plot of land, one main building, 10 casitas, and beautiful courtyard with a pool; all shrouded in thick tropical foliage will have well-maintained trails meandering through the property, helping our guests and visitors escape it all, for the duration of their stay. While also being environmentally conscious and incorporating built in high-tech amenities to sync luxury with convenience.


Healing Forest


Come home to the forest


Where time goes slow

And the breath is mellow


Where thoughts find rest

And Calm comes to nest


Come home to the woods


To be friends with trees

And listen to the breeze


To wander through trails

And mend your sails


Come home to nature

When your heart is hurting

or your soul needs healing


When something feels wrong

or you just need a place to belong


The forest awaits Come home. Be healed.


To provide a uniquely liberating experience through quality service and a free-spirited environment. Au Naturale will deliver the finest in comforts, accommodations, and recreation for the gay community and clothing optional enthusiast. Au Naturale will partner with other businesses, service providers, and advocacy groups to combine resources and provide a network of support for the local gay community.


Cater to a growing community, bring a new industry segmentation to Puerto Rico and become the premier travel destination for gay men visiting the Caribbean, as well as the local gay community.

Concept and Inspirations