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If you’re on this page you’re at least curious about what you can do to support this project and we really appreciate you being here. 

There are 3 ways anyone can help make this project a reality and become a Day-One VIP! Potential investors click here


For every $150 you give now, you’ll get a night’s stay at our resort. Reserve up to 30 days and use them anytime you’d like. Room prices are seasonal and once and prices vary. Lock in the price now and save! We’ll contact you before our Grand-Opening to schedule your stay. 


Not ready to pre-book but believe in the project anyway? We’re happy to accept any support and you’ll still land on our VIP list. As little as $50 gets you in. 

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Interested contributors, travelers, influencers, believers, dreamers, activists, and allies, this one’s easy. Find us on all medias @AuNaturaleResort, Like, Follow, and Share and you’re in!  

Do any or all of these, before we break ground, and you’re a Day-One VIP. Supporting Au Naturale, before we break ground, gets you exclusive benefits and discounts that won’t be available once we cut the ribbon. Discounts starting at 10% off at Eden, Spa Services, or Stays, and priority entry. These discounts and benefits only scale up the more you contribute. 


For more details or if you have any additional questions feel free to contact us.

Become An investor

How to

Why not jump at this chance?

  • Bringing well-paying jobs to Puerto Rico. Au Naturale will hire over 50 employees while supporting all types of local vendors, performers, suppliers, and farmers.
  • Support a growing community. Puerto Rico’s gay population currently has just a hand full of safe spaces to go to. Au Naturale will host weekly, monthly, and annual events
  • And help bring a piece of the booming billion dollars “Nakation” industry to the island

‘Nakations’ – or naked vacations, are on the rise, and the nude and clothing-optional travel industry is growing and fast becoming one of the largest segments of the travel industry. According to a recent Forbes article, an economic impact study revealed that clothing-optional resorts in Florida alone were visited by 2.2 million people annually, resulting in a direct expenditure of $4.3 billion.

Au Naturale Resort is positioned to be the first clothing-optional resort in Puerto Rico, as well as the first to cater specifically to gay men. The island is the perfect location with an expanding gay community, a major cruise ship harbor in the Caribbean, and direct flights from most major US cities.  

The location, timing, and target market for this venture are all primed to capitalize on multiple opportunities. The groundwork is complete. We have drafted a full business proposal, budget plan, concept art, architectural design, website, and social media branding, operational plans, and more. All that remains is the financial backing for property acquisition and construction.  

 Puerto Rico, along with the rest of the world will soon recover and Au Naturale will be well on its way to welcoming its first guests, at a time where everyone will be ready to get out of their homes in masses.  

We hope to have piqued your curiosity and if you find that you are interested in any additional information please feel free to contact us. We greatly appreciate your time and consideration in this regard and look forward to hearing from you soon.  

Email us at [email protected]for more options and/ or partnership opportunities.