What To Expect

Before You Come

  • We recommend checking in online to save time,
    • When entering all Guests and Visitors will receive a rfid equipped wristband, these wristbands provide access to either your room or a locker. They are your pass to the resort and should be kept on for the duration of your stay. With our cashless point-of-sale system, the wristbands also serve as your form of payment for any room service, food and drinks at the bar, lounge, or poolside service, massages and spa treatment, etc. So, there’s no need to carry around wallets or keycards.
  • Reserve your wristband and register your form of payment online or at the front desk. Valid IDs are required. Note, IDs will be secured at the front until wristbands are returned. 
  • Visitors can choose to purchase either a day pass or a longer-term membership. For Guests, staying at the resort passes are included with your stay. 
  • Any Cabanas, Stargazer Beds, or Larger Tables and Spaces can be reserved by phone at the front desk. 
  • Free on-site parking available 

*Note: that checking in online does not guarantee admittance and is in no way to be construed as having purchased a pass*



  • All Guests and Visitors will check-in at the front desk and be assigned either a room or locker number. 
  • Get naked
    Au Naturale believes in and encourages body positivity. After a quick stop at your room or locker and a rinse, here’s where you can truly relax. There is almost always something happening and the grounds have plenty to see. Walkthrough one of our forested trails, stop and rest on the various hammocks or benches and eat from the various fruit trees, or mingle with others by the pool and order a glass of wine.Later you can check out Eden Lounge for a bite, but make sure to stop by the desk and reserve a spa treatment.


    Don’t forget you’re still naked, and to ensure the utmost comfort and respectful environment, some of our employees may be naked too.


    If there’s anything you need while on-site don’t hesitate to ask, Au Naturale employees can be identified by their red wristbands. 

  • Safety, Security, Comfort, and Respect are our top priorities and all concerns can be addressed by management and/or our onsite security team. 
  • Water and towel service are available. 



  • Come back to the front desk to close out and return the wristbands. Remember your clothes, you’re headed back to reality and clothes should be on beyond the main lobby.If you have any questions emails us at [email protected].